Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Ten years ago, when reading my first Reiki book, the corners of my mouth went down, eyebrows up, and my head was nodding. They authors were talking about scanning energy with the hands.

Feeling anything with my hands was an 'interesting concept' for me at the time. I told myself 'not in a million years'. But the fact of the matter is, with non-physical channels of perceptions such as the ones in the center of the palms, reading energy is as easy as opening your eyes and looking around.

Your perception has five physical channels of perception – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste – and several non-physical ones. You live in an ocean of pulsating energy, moving at various frequencies and wavelengths. Of all the information around you, you become aware of that which you pay attention to, when you tune in. If you look at it, you see it. Listen to it, and you'll hear it. Touch it, and you'll feel it. Tune in with your non-physical channels of perception and you'll read it.

Which is exactly what students of Reiki learn during their first level of training.

Each channel of perception, physical or non, specializes in a particular range of vibration. You are likely aware that sound, color and scent are energy. And you are certainly aware that you can't smell Mozart or listen to purple or see sour. That's because from the ocean of energy out there, the eyes tune in a particular range, send the signal to the brain, and the brain interprets it as color, or image. Same with sound: the ears receive a vibration which moves parts of your inner ear, which send information to the brain, and the brain interprets it as Mozart, or a motorbike, or a bell, or whatever you are tuning in.

This is exactly what happens with the non-physical channels of your perception, if you know how to use them and how to interpret the information.

Clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience are terms that describe people who have cultivating the ability to tune in, read and interpret subtle energies, those vibrations that are not obvious to your senses. Since much of the subtle energies are thoughts and emotions, reading them informs you of the mental and emotional quality of other people, objects, spaces, and even books! As you navigate through life, learning, growing and contributing, this can mean for your choices the same as opening your eyes when you drive your car.

This is why you would benefit from taking the Reiki training. After only one day of class, you are able to identify subtle energies and discern which of them are supportive of your goals, and which are less. Which people are in harmony with you, and which are less. Which foods agree with you, and which agree less. What living and working spaces are like in your life.

Reading energy is the first step before moving it. If you like a physically clean home and office, you will LOVE an energetically clean space for you to live, work, and love in.

Learn more on how you can learn Reiki now by clicking the links below:

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