Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Excerpt from my book: "Finding Passion: a Woman's Journey from Ouch and Blah to WOW!"

"Looking back at events in my life, even as memories are filtered through time, I notice how some events are remembered as good and others as bad. Things are far from being black and white. Yet, whenever I dream of myself working at the bank, it's a nightmare. Whenever I think of a certain lover, it's a pleasure. If any sadness arises, it stems from not having his love and presence in my experience right now.

Oh, eroticism is madness, it is the madness of the ego amplified and magnified, and projected upon another. And yet this bittersweet addiction is luring and tantalizing, and giving shape and color to all that it means to be human. How hollow a walking and talking a carcass of a human is without the passion. Bitter, hardened, righteously resentful minds are clouding the skies of life on frowned faces and pursed lips. Repressed and disowned sexuality and sensuality turns us humans into walking zombies: here but not quite here. Repression and denial is eating away at our bodies' health from within, either covering us in layers of blubber that wrap us like hideous sacks, or sucking us dry like raisins; unable to feel, constipated and dry.

But the greatest poetry and the most magnificent symphonies have been created from the madness of being fully alive, shamelessly exuberant, fully incarnated and anchored in this world, celebrating life and humanity with all its ups and downs and light and dark and dramas and comedies.

Take away the passion, and we cease to exist. I am not saying it's bad to cease to exist. Most enlightened minds have pursued cessation of incarnation, stopping this cycle of samsara and 'graduating' from humanity into other expressions of the eternal. All I am saying is that through this passion, our humanity is shaped.

I choose passion because I choose to be alive: alive, juicy, sultry, cheeky, and very, very human.

© Tana Saler, December 2009. All rights reserved.





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