Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Friday, April 30, 2010

Spiritual Healing, Subtle Energy Healing

How does spiritual healing work, and how is it different from subtle energy healing? Are some methods better than others? Are all healers equally effective? Here is what I discovered as both a healer and a healing client:

First of all, to understand how healing works, you need to understand that part of you which gets the healing: your body. Or, more correctly, your bodies.
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The Gross body is the vehicle for expressing your awake state; it is what you experience as Body.

The Subtle body is the vehicle for expressing your dream state, whether during your sleep, or daydreaming. This is what you experience as Mind. This is where thought creates matter.

The Causal body is the vehicle for expressing the dreamless deep sleep. It is what you experience as Spirit. This is where thought is formed.

Some healing arts, such as Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Therapeutic Touch, or Quantum Touch, work with the subtle energies for healing purposes. The methods can be learned from teachers and written or multimedia materials. The student learns how to move subtle energy using movement of their own body, their breath, and through visualization.

Healing arts such as Reiki, are referred to as spiritual healing, as their origin is in the causal body, beyond the organizational field of the mind. Since the healing flow transmitted through the healer to the healee is not originated in the mind, but beyond, it cannot be learned from written or multimedia materials. Such healing arts are transmitted from teacher to student during an initiation. Such initiation is called, in the case of Reiki, ‘attunement’.

The mind acts as a bridge between body and spirit, carrying the information from one to the other. In the case of subtle energy healing arts, the cognition is actively engaged in the healing process, assessing the situation, solving problems, visualizing the energy moving where necessary. In the case of spiritual healing, the cognition’s task is to ‘stay out of the way’, not to interfere with the healing process, but to allow it to happen.

While all healing energy is originated from the One Source, they are stepped down, filtered and translated by the consciousness of the healer. Consciousness evolves, and each healer is a human being with a unique mapping of lines and levels of development. Differences vary in terms of intelligence, integrity, state of consciousness, stage of consciousness development, belief system etc.

Results are a variable determined by a multitude of factors including the method, the healer, the healing client’s structure and psychological makeup and the extent of trust and rapport between healer and client.

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