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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stop the Network Chiropractic Entrainments!

Stop them now, if you want to know how they really work for you.

I did. I stopped them two months ago, and I was shocked at what I discovered.

I had been a client of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) for many years. For the past four years I have been seeing Dr. Paul Newton every week for Network entrainments. Even when I traveled to Israel to see my family and friends, I made sure to find a Network chiropractor and ensure continuity of my care while traveling.

As a healing arts and energy therapist for over ten years, I have access to many modalities and practitioners. I noticed huge differences in terms of their transformational abilities. While many healing arts and energy therapies are relaxing and pleasant, only some of them are truly transformative. I found NSA to be one of them.

In four years of Network chiropractic care, I noticed my posture improving, my response to less-than-ideal life circumstances, stress and distress improving; I have grown to breathe deeper than I could remember in this life; I’ve accessed a range of movement that I may have had as a child; but it’s so long ago, I don’t remember! I have learned that advancing in age does not have to equal deterioration, because thanks to my Integral Life Practices that include meditation, yoga, energy work, nutrition, and NSA – I can see signs of age reversal.

I dislike being dependent on external factors, and I prefer any approach that comes without props or long term commitments. So I was thrilled to find that after a time in Dr. Paul’s care, my body started adjusting itself at various times of the day and night, when exercising, or simply stretching in bed or sitting at my desk. A lot of the tension gone, this body had become softer, more flexible, and self-adjusting! My sensitivity increases; so with a clear nervous system, and more neural pathways created, my perception and self-awareness have been expanding.

And I could swear, the NSA makes me more intelligent! Once ‘allergic’ to technology, I now found myself buying and learning to use a laptop, an iPhone, webinar software and in general, things that I thought I’d have to hire a teen to teach me!

Two months ago, however, I felt I reached a plateau. I have an arsenal of helpers which include a life coach and mastermind buddy; a healer, a nutritionist, and more recently I added an osteopath and – after a break of a few years – a naturopathic doctor who works with classical homeopathy. All require an investment of time and money, and I decided to manage my resources by placing my NSA membership on hold. I was also curious to see how I would do without the weekly entrainments. I announced Dr.Paul and his assistant that I am doing an experiment.

Soon after my last entrainment, I experienced an occasion that triggered me emotionally. I felt tension building around my head, like a dense and heavy cloud. I used Reiki, Qi-Gong and prayer to remove that cloud. It only helped partially. The cloud descended from the head to around the neck and shoulders, and then to the upper back. After a while, the tension sank from my energy field deep into my body, gradually turning into stiff joints and muscles, and such rigidity that it made it difficult for me to walk. I could feel the tension linger, and none of the practices I attempted really cleared that tension. I tried stretching and exercising, but my body would simply not let go of that tension. It would take lots of kryiayoga activities to feel some improvement, but nothing really softened the body the way I remembered possible since being introduced to NSA. Weighed down by the accumulated tension, my posture was deteriorating and I found myself hunching, unable to stand tall and lift my chest up. The emotional states associated with a hunched posture are no good news: sadness, anger and aggression.

So a few days ago I showed up for ‘a double’ (two entrainments with a fifteen minute break in-between). Dr. Paul wasn’t in, and Dr. Amanda Chan, who works in Dr. Paul’s office (The Bodymind Wellness Studio) treated me. At some point on the therapy table, I burst into tears of release. I actually connected with the repressed emotions inside, and released them. Such a relief! I returned home with a much softer body, and after all these weeks, a greater degree of comfort and pleasure being in my skin. My body took its time letting go of the tension during my first entrainment; but by the next day, when I returned for more with Dr. Paul, the memory of what it is like to release with ease started to kick in. Paul’s words: “Let’s get you some flow going in your Chi and in your Life” were music to my ears.

My experiment had succeeded! I learned that getting used to high levels of wellness erases the memory of suffering. It’s easy and tempting to take wellness for granted. I also learned that in time, the body-mind adopts new strategies that it then applies independently.

“What if I move to Africa” I asked Dr. Amanda, “and there is no Network chiropractor there? How do I deal with this dependence on the Network care?”

“Same as you deal with your dependence on taking supplements, meditating and exercising” she replied, smiling.

Great. Now I’m hooked on Pycnogenol, Zumba, Buddhist meditation, wild blueberries, and Network Chiropractic. Better watch out: it spreads too!

For Dr. Paul Newton’s office click here.

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  2. I have recently started NSA therapy and truly amazed how it makes me feel.

  3. I think this is an informative post and it is very useful and knowledgeable. therefore, I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this article. Exeter chiropractors

  4. I totally hear you!! I have been receiving NSA for 7 years now and it is truly life-changing. I had to stop for about a year due to $$ but now I am back, even though not as much as I'd like, but I am back and I am looking forward to feeling better again. This work has inspired me to become a body worker, and I so wish I could learn NSA!!

  5. The link for dr. Newton comes up "Error" and the bodymindstudio only mentions a different chiropractor. What's up?

  6. Dr. Newton sold his practice to Dr. Julie Doobay. These things happen :-)

  7. Are you saying that entrainment can be addictive?

    1. A good addiction, like being addicted to nutritious food, fresh air, meditation and hugs 🤗