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Coloured portrait

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Extra-Sensory Perception: Born with, or Cultivated?

Like any other talent, some people have it more, and some less. Like any other talent, perception can be cultivated. For me, ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception) has been something I had to cultivate.

What is ESP?

You ‘perceive’ signals from the environment, process them, and give them a meaning which helps you take action. You look at the clock, see little lines that you interpret as numbers, and based on it, you decide to wake up.

You have one perception, with five physical channels of perception and several non-physical channels. Each channel of perception specializes in inputting a certain range of vibration. The eyes perceive what is referred to as ‘color’, the ears perceive what is called ‘sound’, the skin perceives texture and temperature. Sound, color, temperature – are all energy, each with its own frequency, amplitude and wavelength. You can’t smell a song, hear the scent of a rose or feel the color blue between your fingertips.

For subtle energies, you have non-physical channels of perception. The chakras, your energy centers, specialize in retrieving information from the environment, which, when properly perceived and interpreted (such as the ‘gut feelings’ of your sacral chakra) allow you to take appropriate action. Sensing subtle energies has been referred to as ‘ESP’ – Extra-Sensory Perception.

Why do I Need ESP?

You need ESP for the same reason you need at least one of your physical senses: for orientation in your surroundings, for safety and well-being, for making better informed choices and, if you work in service of others, to better help them.

When your physical senses are in a fog, you navigate differently than when your senses are healthy, sharp and clear. Sensing levels of Chi (Life Force energy), emotions and thoughts make your navigation easier, more elegant.

Your personal vibration creates either harmony or discord with the energy of other people, places, foods, medicine etc. Your relationships, health, work and living environments have more chances for making music rather than noise, when you are aware of subtle vibration.

ESP requirements

There are several requirements for the expansion of your perception.

1. Attention. Paying attention to your environment (from the skin out as well as from the skin in!) is the first step in developing ESP. First notice the red light, the new car in the neighbour’s driveway, your spouse’s new hairstyle and such other obvious items. You start with the obvious, then move on practicing with the subtle!

2. Clarity. Just like a foggy mind can prevent a driver from seeing the Stop sign, it can also prevent someone from reading the subtle energies of emotion coming from others. To have clarity of perception, clarity of body and mind are required.

3. Awareness. You swim in an ocean of energy, much of it filled with invisible, but real, thoughts of others. In his book ‘Virus of the Mind’, Richard Brodie describes how ‘memes’ or mind viruses can travel and contaminate other minds, just like biological viruses do. The antidote to the virus? Awareness! When you are tuned in into the space of thoughts, and you are able to discern which thought is yours and which is ‘borrowed’, you have the freedom to choose.

4. Practice. Anything you don’t use, risks atrophy. Practice sensing, reading and interpreting subtle energies for the sake of your own literacy, or ‘psychic fitness’.

ESP Busters

1. Energy blocks. Pathology of your senses, physical or non-physical, means impaired function. Illness starts in the subtle energy field before manifesting in the gross body. Disruption in the flow of Chi (Life Force Energy) means diminished perception.

2. Toxins. A grain of sand in your eyes can make you blind. Toxins of various kinds can shut the energy centers down. Information is transmitted through the nervous system; any substance which interferes with the nervous system, interferes with your perception in general, beginning with your ESP in particular. Some of the ESP toxic busters are: alcohol, processed foods (sugar, fructose), drugs (pain killers, steroids, anti-depressants), chemicals in cigarettes, cleaning products, furniture; EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields).

3. Beliefs. If someone faces a Stop sign, and doesn’t believe Stop signs exist, he or she won’t see it. Disbelief can cancel perception.

ESP Boosters

1. Cleanse! There are many ways to cleanse your body. You can try Dr. Natura’s Colonix, or the Master Cleanser, or homeopathic cleanses. I noticed incredible energy flow and sensitivity during my juice fasting days.

2. Emotional cleansing. Unresolved emotions can cloud both the thinking and the ability to perceive. Regular emotional cleansing is the natural complement to body cleansing. My favourite approaches are EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Ho’oponopono (a Hawaiian shamanic approach) and Shadow Integration Work.

3. Meditation. There are various types of meditation. Mindfulness meditation gets you in the habit of noticing what is without reacting. It sensitizes you and refines your mind to ‘see’ with your full presence.

4. Working with energy. Qi Gong means just that: working with Chi. Taking on a regular practice of Qi Gong, Tai Chi or healing arts such as Reiki, does for your ESP what resistance training does for your muscles. Moreover, learning Reiki is a powerful ESP booster because the attunement (the ceremony in which your Reiki Teaching Master initiates you into this healing art) opens and activates your chakras.

ESP versus Intuition

Your psychology evolves from pre-rational to rational to trans-rational, each level of development transcending and including the previous one.

At the pre-rational level, people and animals share the ‘instincts’, or gut-feelings. Both human and beast can naturally sense when the air pressure is changing before a storm; they both have the ability to empathize and feel what others feel, or pick up mental images.

Intuition occurs only after you have evolved to the rational level, and then transcended and included it. How you process and interpret the information perceived depends on the level you are at.

Can You do it?

If you read this far, absolutely yes! Your interest in the topic is enough to open door of possibility for you to deepen and expand your perception. Whether you are born with the talent or not, your interest is the ignition of your journey to being one who reads subtle energies.

Feel your energy now!

Sit or lie down with your eyes closed. Bring your attention inward, to your body. Imagine your body as being fluid, like a river. Play ‘as if’, and noticing the sensations inside, try to figure what kind of river it is: is it a slow river in the fields, or a rapid river in the mountains? Notice various parts of your body, and ask yourself how freely the river flows in each part. You may notice that some parts flow slower, as if there are dams, and they feel like pain or tension; other parts flow freely, and they literally feel like currents. Congratulations! You have just read your body’s energy!

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  1. I do believe in these gifts. Although I have not learned to fully embrace, i do try. Ive been around pregnant woman, who didnt think to test until i told them i just knew, laughing of course but only to find out i wasnt wrong. Ive felt or experienced certain feelings only to find out someone i was connected to, close to passed away, such as id feel heart attack symptoms but strangely i knew it wasnt me, one recent experience was that out of blue i woke up one morning with a strong urge to call my mom to have one of my siblings to go check on my grandmother. She did not. I got a call back from my mom informing me my grandmother passed thst morning. There are many more things ive experienced, but not entirely sure how to fully embrace this. If there is anything to embrace. If not then there have been alot of coincedental moments in my life.