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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Energy as Information

Developing Instinct, Reason and Intuition

Does your stomach ever ties in knots, or your mouth ever gets dry? Great! You are being informed.

Organisms are like radio devices, transmitting and receiving signals from and into the environment.

Think of your perception as one perception with five physical, and several non-physical channels.

Each channel of perception is specialized in retrieving a certain range of vibrations from the environment. The vibration is then sent to the brain, which interprets it in familiar terms for you to use in your daily experience: sound, color, texture, smell, taste. You know that the channels of perceptions are specialized: you can’t smell music, or listen to rose scent, or touch yellow.

The chakras – energy centers, are your non-physical channels of perception; each one processes information in a specialized way, just like the physical channels. Just as you can watch a movie, smell a flower or listen to a friend’s story, your chakras allow you to perceive your and other people’s thoughts, emotions and states of consciousness. Your perception can be conscious or not. Just like subliminal messages, information that reaches you without your awareness, influences you without you knowing it. When you are aware, you know how to act in response to your ‘gut feelings’ or instincts and intuition.

Think of your perception as one perception with five physical, and several non-physical channels.

According to a human’s stage of development, the information is processed pre-rationally, rationally, or post-rationally.

The pre-rational stage of processing information is what we share with animals: the instincts. The lower chakras are open like antennas, warning you about possible trouble, keeping you safe. When you listen to gut feelings telling you to stay away from a certain person or location or event, you process information in a pre-rational way. It’s not a conscious process: this is how animals keep safe too.

The rational stage of processing information is using the intellectual knowledge to make choices and decisions. You use reason to choose friends or activities, based on intellectually acquired information, your values and your intelligence. Reason may or may not agree with instinct, as your values as a human being may not always agree with your animalic urges.

The post-rational stage of processing information is the intuition. This is higher spiritual guidance reaching you through the higher chakras, taking you to people and places beyond your rational or instinctual motives. The intuition has less to do with keeping you safe, or making you a reasonably behaved human being, and more to do with spiritual awakening and growth.

All information enters your system as signals from the environment (from the skin out or from the skin in) received through the physical and non-physical channels of perception; according to how your brain is wired, your level of development, your values, belief system and state of consciousness, the information is translated into meaning. The translation occurs mostly kinesthetically, through felt sensations; visually, through mental images; and auditory, through sounds and words.

Here is an example of how information is processed: you look outside the window, and see the rain falling. If you live in Ottawa, Canada, and are about to walk to work, you may have a mental image of walking and getting drenched; your forehead might contract in a frown, and you might think ‘It’s bad weather today.’ Of course, if you live in one of the drought-ridden places in the world, like a countruy in Africa or Asia, and you see rain, you might have a mental image of crops growing; sensations of warmth and tingling in your chest and hands, and you might think ‘It’s such a blessing.’

Energy as information has the purpose of prompting you to take appropriate action towards anything from survival to thriving to awakening to growing. The mouth dryness referred to as ‘thirst’ is your body informing you that you are overdue to hydrate it. The heavy and itchy eyelids, together with yawning, are sensations informing you it’s time for rest. Emotions are information too. Primal emotions, such as primal fear, are designed to keep you safe and alive. Secondary emotions are indicating towards repressed material in the shadow of your subconscious. More about this later.

When one of the channels of perception is impaired, as in the case of blind people, for example, often other channels take over, and the person keeps informed relying more on the healthy channels. Optimum functioning as a human being requires full functioning of all channels of perception. Evolutionary, human beings expand their ability to perceive. This is equally true for the physical senses and the chakras. It’s easier to walk around with clear sight, perfect hearing, aware of sensations as well as having the chakras open, clear and balanced.

The Reiki attunement, which is the initiation into this Japanese healing art, opens, clears, balances and expands the chakras. Very often Reiki students have clairvoyant experiences immediately after the class attunement. Many students experience increased clarity of mind, greater awareness in the body, and easy, clear access to intuition. The class offers guidance and training in learning how to perceive the subtle energies. The student’s perception expands and evolves.

Evolution occurs by transcending and including all stages of development. The Reiki class helps you access and expand all the stages of perception, from instinct to reason to intuition. Closer connection to your gut feelings helps you make safer and healthier choices naturally; greater mental clarity helps you reason your way to increased success and self-expression, and enables you to learn and acquire life skills with greater ease. Activating and expanding your intuition awakens you to the beauty, goodness and truth of your Divine Nature.

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