Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Creative Visualization, EFT and Money

What is it like for you to have financial debts? Is it scary? Is it sad and discouraging?

Maybe the debts and bills are not so big a problem. Or maybe they are a problem that seems so unsurmountable that it feels like a knot in your stomach or a sharp back pain.

What are the words you are telling yourself about money? "I'll never get out of debt"; "There's no luck for me" or maybe "It's so hard for me to make money!"

Think of all your financial problems - debts,bills, unmet expenses, as filling a large bucket. Looking at the bucket is scary and discouraging. There's so much tension in the mind and body where...when you look at it, the bucket seems bigger than you. It seems like the bills are falling down, filling the bucket, coming down from big, dark, grey clouds above you.

The money seems to never be enough to pay them: Too little money, too many debts, too many bills...

But wait! What is that light above the clouds? All of a sudden, you realize the sun is shining - and the sun was always there, above the clouds. It was just hidden by the clouds, so you didn't see it. The sun has always been there.

The instant that you realize that the sun has always been there, behind the clouds, the dark grey clouds turn bright gold, light in color, fluffy, like good weather clouds.

It's now starting to rain's raining money, it's raining banknotes and coins of gold, and riches...It's pouring into your bucket.

The first banknotes are melting as they touch the bills. One banknote lands on a bill, it cancells the bill, it clears it. The bucket is emptied by the banknotes which cancel the bills.

But it continutes to rain, and it's raining, and it's raining some more! Now the bucket is being filled with money - filled with banknotes and with gold coins.

And look! It continues to rain! Its' raining money! The bucket is full, It's overflowing with money.

You have enough of it. You have enough to live the kind of lifestyle you've always dreamed of. Enough for you to play! Enough for you to choose whether you want to work or not. There's enough money to continue educating yourself; enough money to save for the future, and enough money to give away!

The video above is a 4 minutes clip I made with a talented artist animator, Scott Fiander - see It has the same creative visualization I used some twelve years ago to get out of debt against all odds.

My relationship with money has always been an area of growth. Who knows what the roots are? Past lives? Maybe. Generations? Definitely - there has been poverty on my mother's side of the family. My maternal grandmother had ten children, and she remained a widow fairly young. Food was never enough, and clothes were handed down from child to child.

 My father's family had a better position: my paternal grandfather was an obstretician, and his wife, my father's mother, worked with him in his home clinic. They had a nice house, which was later lost when communists came to power in Romania and all private property was nationalized.

I grew up hearing "We don't have" and "We can't afford", and made these words mine. For much of the time, I lived by them.

I was a banker back in Israel when I first became aware of the power of the mind over matter. I had a considerable amount of financial debt. I started using affirmations, Feng-Shui and creative visualization. I ended up clearing all debts and even having enough money to travel through Europe for a month.

I hoped that getting married would solve this, and other problems. Instead, I found out that marriage merely mirrored problems rather than solving them (often with magnifying glass, just in case I'd miss out on details!). I do have a lifestyle significantly better than I could have dreamt in my early years as a child in Romania: I live in a spacious, beautiful home with a nice garden, I drive a Toyota, and I walk an Akita. There's good food on my table, exquisite music on the stereo, an iPhone in my purse and fancy earrings hanging down my ear lobes. I can go on and on about the riches of my experience, and I am so deeply grateful for all the miraculous life improvements I am being graced with.

As far as my relationship with money goes, I am still working at it. I am developing 'muscles' - the skills of money management, and using EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques - and PSYCH-K to clear and reprogram all the various aspects related to it. Did you know that my formal education is in Commerce? I graduated university in Bucharest, Romania, as an economist, and I had a diploma on my wall, but didn't know how to write a checque. At that time, payday came twice a month, and everyone from blue collar to white collar received their salary in cash. There was no stock market, no investments, no financial planning. We learned about it in university, I learned the concepts by heart, and forgot them the next day, after the exams. Learning money planning and management feels to me like learning to use a fork and a knife for the first time. It takes time, I look and feel clumsy, I stab my fingers here and there, but all in all, I am making progress.

One aspect of relating to money was reflected to me by a client, a dentist, who always recommended the cheapest possible alternative work to her patients. She would see clients who needed work done. She could have told them: "Look, there are three ways you can go at it: bridge, implant, or you-name-it. The one I recommend is the implant, because of this and that reason." Instead, this dentist would only name the cheapest version of work.

As I pointed to her, she was assuming her client's inability to pay (and guess what - I have done much of the same as well!). So we worked with PSYCH-K and EFT to change that pattern.

Another aspect to money became clear to me when I found myself anxious when my wallet is full. I would get paid in cash, and then my stomach would tighten up in panic before even getting to manage the money I have earned. So I sat in meditation and asked my subconscious to show me the root of that anxiety. Images came to mind when I was a teen, walking home after a party in the wee hours of the night. There were no night buses in Bucharest, and I had no money for taxi. I walked for an hour or two, depending where I was coming from, and was at peace with it, because that's all I knew.

I was at peace with an empty wallet, because that's all I knew! Think about it! I then saw myself throughout my adult life, and I realized that I always took care to have an empty, or close to empty wallet. Having money made me feel antsy, because it was unfamiliar. So I sat, did EFT, and tapped: "Even though I feel uncomfortable with having money, I deeply and completely love and accept myself" My new goal is to carry at least $ 500.- cash in my purse every day, on a regular basis, for a year, and feel at ease with it. Even thinking about it makes me take a deep breath. It makes me feel a bit dizzy as I adjust to the increased energy (money IS energy). It's like having clogged sinuses and shallow breathing for a long time, then healing and clearing the passageways, and feeling dizzy with all this air entering the lungs so deeply and freely.

If you have turned things around financially, what worked for you? What do you think about this video? Please leave your comments!

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