Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Integral Prayer

Dear God,

Dear Divine Father and Mother: don’t let me sink into despair and depression. Don’t let me live aimlessly, hopelessly, like that. Let there be purpose and meaning to this life. Let there be healing to this soul and heart so that Light, joy, exuberance and meaning can exist.

Dear sweet, beloved Divine Father and Mother, You are a merciful, kind God. You are infinite, eternal Wisdom and Love. Please, listen to my prayer. Dear God, please, let my soul heal, so I can live with joy. Please dear God, liberate me from the prisons of the unhealthy ego. With your infinite and eternal wisdom and loving kindness, dear beloved God, grant me Freedom – the freedom to live fully, to be fully human!

Please, dear, sweet, beloved, awesome Creator, Mother-Father-All-That-IS, let the walls of resistance and pain around my heart melt down and away, and let this heart open wide, so I can experience more and more of your infinite, eternal loving kindness. So that I can express more and more love in the world. Let all that pain, all that old pain, transform and transmute into something good and useful for myself and others.

May this structure, this body, allow for growth and awakening.  May this body-mind be a clear, pure, resilient, strong vessel for the Divine Light – for your Wisdom and Love, dear God. Please, dear God, let this body-mind and Soul heal, so that I can experience more and more your magnificence, and express it more and more in the world.

Sweet, beloved, God: you are Infinite and Eternal, Always Already. Your Wisdom and Love are infinite and eternal. You Are Omnipresent and Omniscient. You are Omnipotent. No job or task or request is too small or too big for You. With your Infinite Wisdom and Loving Kindness, Dear God, please, may my living conditions transform, to allow for healthy growth, for awakening and enlightenment, for prosperity and for thriving, and for living freely, fully and joyfully. Let all the structures in my existence support health, thriving, freedom and fullness. Let me live joyfully, dear God. Let me live, love, work, play and serve You and Your World joyfully. Let me thrive.

Dear sweet Beloved God, don’t let me contract into ego. Let me build a healthy ego, and transcend – and include it. Don’t let me contract and separate from you and from All. Let me expand and awaken to the Truth – and the Beauty and the Goodness. Let me express Beauty, Goodness and Truth in this and every moment.

May all the thoughts that I allow or harbour, may all the words that I utter or write, and may all my choices and actions be auspicious- beautiful, good and true. Don’t let me fall into the temptations of the unhealthy ego, or stay trapped within the walls of past conditioning. Please, dear Divine Father and Mother, listen to me, to my prayer, have mercy on me, hear my prayer: let me overcome all past conditioning, heal all the wounds of this body-mind and Soul, and of past lives and of generations, and let me grow. Let me evolve healthily, integrally, and let me awaken.

May I be blessed with your brightest Blessings, dear Divine Mother and Father. And may I thrive and prosper joyfully within the healthy structures of body-mind, home, workplace and relationships. And may I share my blessings with others. May I share my joy, freedom, fullness, prosperity, wisdom and love with others. May I share my merits with others.

Dear beloved God, let me be a pure, clear, strong and resilient vessel for your blessings in the world. Let me embody your qualities of wisdom, loving kindness, playful creativity and joy in the world – and let me do this with skill, and generously. Let me bring your infinite, eternal Light everywhere I go. Let me touch all people, all beings, with your Divine Presence. Let me be a transparent vessel for your Divine Presence, dear God.

Shine your Light on my path, dear beloved Divine Mother-Father-All-That-Is, and take me by the hand, step-by-step, in this, and every moment. Guide me, protect me, nourish me, inspire me. Don’t let me stray, contract or forget. Don’t let me indulge in self-pity or blame. Walk with me and let me walk with you, as You, as the ultimate truth that I Am.

May it be so now and always, here and everywhere, for myself, for the World that I am part of, and for All.

I thank you. I love you. Amen.

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