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Coloured portrait

Friday, August 31, 2012

Integrating Polarities Ensures Success?

Is this true, really? Integration of all the parts of your psyche can guarantee success of your endeavors, be it in health, love and relationships, business and career?

Of course - it's logical when you think that more of you, as a coherent Self can achieve far beyond what a fragmented, shattered self can achieve. Giving 35% of your spirit to any task, field or project cannot beat giving your 100%. The question is, how to do it.

Step One starts with the assumption that nothing is wrong with you, and replacing the 'Returning to Goodness' myth, which regards you as the sinner kicked out of paradise, desperately seeking to return to what was once lost - and seeing yourself and humanity as 'growing into goodness', which really means that nothing is wrong with you, you are perfect exactly the way you are, and yet -paradoxically - there is room for growth.

All the voices of your mind, personal and transpersonal, have a purpose and value; the trouble begins when they become disowned, banned from conscious expression, and gone dark, or, in the case of one's potential, remain unfulfilled and unexpressed.

Step Two consists in owning all the parts of your psyche, consciously becoming them, including -polarities- like 'King and Pauper', or 'the Ant and the Grasshopper', 'Lazy Bum' and Workaholic'.

How do you know you are integrated? You feel equally at peace when you speak as 'victim' as when you speak as 'villain', and you identify with neither more than the other, backside your identity has expanded to the 'Big Mind' (see Genpo Roshi's work) which contains both.

Try the Ant and Grasshopper practice:

Place the imaginary Ant in the palm of one hand, to represent the diligent, hard worker side of your self; place the imaginary Grasshopper in the other hand to represent the bohemian, easygoing side of you who likes to take time for leisure, and, as Italians call it, the 'Dolce far niente' - The Sweet Do Nothing.

Now look at the hand that holds the Ant and speak as the Ant: 'I am a hard worker, I pursue my goals through sweat, blood and tears, I clench my teeth and my fists and keep going; I am unstoppable. I value hard work and focused pursuit of my goals' As you speak, allow your breath, posture and body movement to enact the Ant.

Now look at the other hand, which holds the Grasshopper, and speak as the Grasshopper: 'I take time to recreate and gather my thoughts and energy, and I generate my best ideas and solutions through creativity and contemplation. I savor life and I stop to smell the roses; life is to be enjoyed, take it easy, relax, recover and recuperate from stress.' Stretch, yawn and say: ' I love doing nothing' (and strum your guitar, if you have one!)

Now allow both hands to meet in unity in front of your chest, and become the integrated Self who can work hard and who can also relax, according to what and when it is the kind, appropriate thing to do.

The Ant burns out without the Grasshopper - or succumbs to boredom and depression from 'all work and no play'; the Grashopper's future and sustenance is doomed without the Ant - and the way to your success is never an 'either - or' business; but the integration of 'both-and' which make your One Hundred Percent.

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