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Coloured portrait

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Five ways a coach can help you live and work better

Ask leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, athletes and very creative people, and you'll hear that each one of them works with coaches, often long term, sometimes focused on career or performance, sometimes for general life coaching.

 Why is that? What do these creative, passionate,  purposefully engaged men and women gain out of hiring a coach?

 Here are five ways a coach can add value to you:

1-  Shedding light on the blind spot

Even the most aware people have limits in their self-knowledge. A different set of eyes and ears can notice in you the traits, behaviour and potential that your own eyes and ears might miss. You don't know what you don't know; and knowledge, especially self-knowledge, is power. 

2- Care for your growth

The closest friends and family members have hidden agendas about you, that they may not even be aware of. People close to you are invested in maintaining you the way you already are, which best serves them and their relationship with you.

Your coach is the one person who always wants you to grow, be well, succeed, and transform, and is directed invested in your flourishing. His or her professional reputation and personal satisfaction depends on seeing you thrive. They will support you in accomplishing your wildest dreams that those friends and relatives who fear change are discouraging you from pursuing.

3- Accountability

Procrastination and lack of discipline is a common problem among creative people, and difficult to overcome. You want to do something and just don't seem to get around doing it. A coach holds you accountable for doing what you say that you want to do; and knowing that someone expects to hear from you with your accomplished tasks, is a great motivator.

4- Prioritizing 

There's so much you want to do, and so many demands on your time and attention, you don't know where to start, or how to do it all. A skilled coach will help you sort out your priorities, so that you don't only live and work to put out fires, but you also do things that matter to you.

5- Facilitating Wisdom

A good coach is also a great guide into your deepest wisdom, who knows how to insightfully connect you with your values, passions and strengths. Your coach's skilled attention will act like a flashlight through the complex corridors of your own mind.

Working with a coach is like having a close friend who wants you to succeed and flourish as much as you do, can point you in the right direction, teach you some soft skills to help you along your path, guide you through rough patches, connect you with your internal strengths and recommend external resources, and she or he always celebrates your successes with you.

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