Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Four Basic Emotions Decoded

Emotion is the energy that moves you to act towards self-preservation and well-being by pointing towards obstacles, and fuelling your action to overcome them. Demonized and deemed negative, emotions are often ignored and suppressed, which is why they turn dark and cause you to act unconsciously in inappropriate ways. Emotions are purposeful information and energy. Below let's explore four basic emotions and what they are seeking to tell you. 

1- Fear

Fear informs you that your biology is threatened, and immediate action is required in order to survive. Primal fear, arising in the face of a real life threat, will fuel your peak performance of either fighting or withdrawing from the threat. You never know what a fast runner or fierce fighter you are unless you're facing death of your body.

2- Anger 

Anger is the emotion which arises in response to injustice. When your personal boundaries of time, space, and sense of self are breached or threatened, anger will fuel your action towards successful defence. With anger arising, there is tremendous power which can stop insults, theft and any personal or social wrongdoing. Anger can, and has started revolutions.

3- Sadness

Sadness is the finger pointing towards dysfunction, whether it's a relationship that's not working, a loved one's health deteriorating, or your computer crashing. Sadness moves you to take the necessary steps and amend, improve or replace that which is not working. 

4- Grief

Grief is the emotional response to loss. Loss is an inevitable part of life which everyone experiences several times during a life span, whether it's the loss of a loved one, an opportunity, a stage in life, or a valuable possession. Grief is a natural part of letting go, and a teacher of accepting reality as it is.

Emotions are what makes you human, a gift to listen to with attention, and use mindfully.

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