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Coloured portrait

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

5 Ways to Translate Your Meditation Practice to Life

5 Ways to Translate Your Meditation Practice to Life
Would you take driving lessons and practice parallel parking, then go home and never move your car from the driveway? I didn't think so. Good practice is applied to life, and meditation is no exception. Here are five ways to take your meditation practice away from the meditation hall or cushion, and turn it into mindful living:

1- Self-awareness

What are the qualities that you embody? Use your acquired body-awareness to monitor the various ways of being as you work, relate, play or create; know yourself intimately in various contexts, and consciously embody the appropriate qualities and ways of being according to your purpose in each situation. For example, notice when you embody the masculine Yang, and when the feminine Yin; when you push forward, and when you withdraw.

2- Empathy

Meditation halls help you establish yourself in a practice of being present with yourself in the here and now. Use your awareness to relate, and be present with another: notice what you see in them, hear in their voice, the feel that another person has about them, notice the space between you and another human, and feel with him or her.

3- Self regulation

Apply the non-reactive witnessing from your sitting practice to people and events that trigger you, and maintain equanimity so that things don't get to you so easily. The less reactive you are, the harder you are to be manipulated by others, or to be distressed by adversity, and you are more likely to act consciously, with intent.

4- Sex

Meditation sensitizes you, so you feel more sensations, more intensely. Bring this sensitivity to your sex life to enjoy intensified sensual pleasure from touching and being touched by your lover. For men, non-reactivity applied to sex can heighten the pleasure threshold and help self regulate ejaculation.

5- Efficiency

When what you say verbally matches what your body says, in other words, when your language and your embodiment match, you become more efficient and accomplish more with less effort. Check your congruence when you speak, move, breathe, and touch.

Sitting in meditation is your contemplative practice. Applying contemplation to your life is living, loving, playing, creating and relating mindfully. Just like driving your car after taking lessons, but better.

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