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Coloured portrait

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Communication for Healers

I have worked with the healing arts since 1999, since my first Reiki attunement and training. I called myself a healer, facilitator, lightworker, and a variety of other names that tried to describe my work of service for others. I’ve taken dozens of workshops, seminars and programs to boost my professional skills, and at the same time, following my desire to work for myself and not a boss, I took business, marketing and communication training.

I got tired of wasting my talents and skills because of poor business and communication skills, and be left close to poverty with my un-actualized strengths. And I am tired of seeing the same in my fellow healers. This is why I want to share with you here a few points that I am finding valuable and might help you in your work:

  • -        Focus on BENEFITS! The greatest mistake healers make is listing a long list of modalities, titles and levels acquired when promoting their healing work. Nobody cares how many levels of Reiki Grandmaster you’ve accomplished, and they won’t give you their money for it! People have problems and pains, and they will pay for those able to solve them. Stop listing the titles and start listing the benefits!

  • -        CLEAR YOUR LANGUAGE! Honestly, there’s so much confusing gibberish going around that makes no sense to anyone reading it! Speak with purpose: what’s your point? What do you seek to accomplish with your communication? This is particularly meant for your promotional communication. Nobody will pay you money to “experience deeper levels of the self” because they don’t know what the heck that means. “My Reiki often puts to sleep even people who suffer from insomnia” sounds like a CLEAR BENEFIT that some would gladly pay for.

  • -        OBJECTIVE thinking! Healing arts are often sadly discarded as pseudo-science because healers make false validations that lack objective evidence. Healing talent plus poor communication equals zero clients. I’ve lived it and I know it. There are two types of language, POETIC and OBJECTIVE. Not everyone speaks poetry. If you want to be of service to scientific minds, learn to speak the precise, objective language that they speak!

  • -        NICHE! Who are the people that you like to work with? “Everyone and anyone” is vague and not a niche. I’ve done it (my Reiki classes are good for everybody) and it didn’t work. Find a group of people that you relate to easily and enjoy working with them, and talk to them in the language that they understand! For example, one of my niches for coaching are artists. I love working with artists, as I’m a visual artist myself (what, didntcha know?!): artists are sensitive, they share my love for beauty, and they are in the habit of investing time and money for learning, which means they are likely to invest time and money in learning with me! One of my favourite coaching clients is a voice-over artist who has been bidding her services to a higher league of prices since working with me. That’s an example of BENEFIT for my NICHE! So, who are you serving and what do they get out of it?

  • -        LISTEN! Guys, this is a biggie! Most healers go out on the social media to shout out their promotion, and rarely ever they ASK QUESTIONS about their targeted audience. To sell your much needed service, you must learn to put yourself in the shoes of your intended client! What is it like to be them? Where do they hurt? What do they need? HOW TO LISTEN is one of the most valuable skills that I have acquired in the past few years as a healer, therapist and coach, and I wish I could teach this skill to you here in this post, but it’s an embodied skill, something that can only be learned in person because it involves FEELING. I guarantee you two things: that you cannot sell your healing arts sustainably without actively LISTENING TO YOUR CLIENTS; and that listening to your clients will create the TRUST needed so that they hire your services.

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