Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Types of Healing Modalities

What do you know about healing methods that are not part of medical science?

There's a great deal of confusion about which is what, and all methods that are not Western science are placed in one big box.

You can categorize the disciplines and approaches in several ways. 

Complementary  methods are those that work well alongside drugs, surgery and regular medical interventions. You can seek massage therapy, see the chiropractor and receive Reiki treatments, and still take your antibiotics.

Alternative methods are those based on principles that are at odds with medical science practices, and are used instead, as an alternative: classical homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

Natural therapies use nature-sourced remedies. Instead of taking Tylenol for a headache, you take feverfew tincture.

Holistic methods are comprehensive modalities that regard the human or animal as a whole, body and mind not separate but one thing, and consider all the various subjective and objective factors to health. Homeopathy, holistic reflexology (the Grinberg method), TCM and Ayurveda are holistic.

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