Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Awareness Through Movement

Awareness through movement:

I woke up thinking of a topic that brings up fear, and I tense up. I close my eyes and notice what specifically I am doing, and feel that I am squeezing my thighs while rolling my pelvis backward. I am now curious to see exactly what I'm doing, so I repeat this motion slowly, with attention, squeeze and roll back, then relax, the squeeze and roll again. 

What else participates in the movement? 

I notice that as I roll my pelvis backwards, I press my shoulders forward, as if they meet in front of my body, and I lift my chin up and tense my eyebrows. I repeat the tensing and releasing over and over again, deliberately and very slowly, small movements, and I let a sigh of relief out, a spontaneous tension release.

I take a rest and feel my body. It's easier now to relax the pelvic floor muscles, and there's flow down my legs, with occasional twitching, a pleasant feeling of something bubbling up.

I ask myself, what else? As I resume the movement of tensing, rolling and releasing, I notice how the balls of my eyes participate in the movement, tensing up, focusing in one particular point where I look at the mental image of a disturbing memory. The movement becomes a rocking between the past (past 'tense', hahaha!) and the relaxed present moment, and I continue to sigh and relax into the now, in my my body. 

Being in my own skin has just become a little bit easier. Thinking of the topic of my earlier concern, it seems now manageable.

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