Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Fixing what's broken in life, beginning at home

Repairing everything I can, beginning with what's accessible - the "Low-Hanging Fruit":

- A piece of broken jewellery that I wasn't able to use for years is now fixed! Jewellery represents something valuable and beautiful, an externalization of inner qualities and strengths, like talents. When I sent my pendant to repair, I thought of the talents I hadn't been able to use and share.

- Anything beyond repair gets disposed of. That's the easiest way to get rid of dysfunction :-)

- A beautiful pair of linen pants kept falling when I danced, so I stopped wearing them, and every time I saw these pants in my closet, I told myself: "Such pity!" How does the "Such pity" mental state affect various areas of life?

I sew an elastic band to the linen pants and now I can dance in them!

- Anything that doesn't fit, goes away. That's how one wave of clothing left my closet. The second wave gone were clothes that don't suit me, even if they fit, and even if they're new: not my colour, not my flattering shape, "not my thing". I've exorcised the devils in my wardrobe! Who wants things in life (jobs, relationships, surroundings) that don't suit you?

- All the shoes that hurt my feet are gone! No more painful movement! I'm keeping flats, minimalist, comfortable shoes and cultivating Moving With Pleasure!

- Weeding the garden. Weeds are plants in the wrong place. If I didn't put it there, or if I put it there and there's too much of it (like the peppermint plant this year), or if I put it there and I have changed my mind about it, it gets weeded! Weeding the garden, then the Facebook posts I follow, then relationships.

- Cleaning and tidying up regularly, because it's easier and more accessible to turn chaos to order in one's home than in all other areas of life!

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