Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The common thread of effective pain relief methods

There is a common thread between various philosophies and methods that I have come across, which is to see body pain as an experience that hasn't been completed.

Shinzen Young talks about pain as an incomplete experience, and so does Avi Grinberg and Peter Levin. Ken Wilber talks about the Shadow elements as disowned parts of the psyche which get a life of their own, and show up as behaviour outside of the self's volition (in Romanian there's a saying "Dracu m-a pus" - the devil made me do it); they also show up as pain and symptoms in the body. Gendlin's Focusing protocol starts by greeting and acknowledging the pain or discomfort, as if talking to an entity.

When I walk a client through the process of touching upon an experience and bringing it to its full completion, she / he attains almost immediate ( within minutes) body-felt relief, going from pain, tension and tightness to whole-body buzzing vibration, spaciousness, luminosity and peace. I have tried many methods in almost twenty years of healing work, and have not encountered an effective and sustainable way to achieve relief that does not work with the fullness of embodied experience.

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