Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Life Purpose

Adversity poses obstacles. To overcome adversity, tools are needed.

But before tools, one must have a reason - a WHY - to fight the fight.

Self-preservation is rarely enough. Overcoming adversity requires a leverage as something greater and more meaningful than the self: one's circle of care, perhaps family, friends, loved ones, children, animals, community. 

The greater the adversity faced, the stronger the sense of belonging one must have in order to gather the strength to cope, overcome, and triumph. Coming out of dark times and adversity myself, and after having brushed with death, I wondered what has kept me going (besides caring for my dog Kinook). I never gave up even when I had thoughts of suicide. I don't have children to raise, or other dependents. The only sense of belonging has been the greater sense of spiritual connection of all things, that I am a drop of water in the sea. The only purpose that made my personal fight worth fighting during impossible times was the thought and the drive to turn my own overcoming and triumph into service, which is why I am writing, teaching and facilitating. 

Mild adversity, such as boredom, is as dangerous as any other kind when living without purpose and meaning. An aimless soul will try to fill the void with empty distractions, stuff one's body with useless foods and substance, and flood one's mind with useless information.

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