Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Fruit Fly Meditation

Managing a fruit fly invasion as a meditation on life. 

Sometimes adversity comes not as a one big impactful event, but a swarm of little things which on their own would be harmless, like one single fruit fly, but together they can be annoying and stressful. Don't worry though, I've got them under control!

Another thought is, if life's events are externalizations of the mind, this swarm of tiny pests might represent the cloud of small mental worries, obsessions, doubts and resentments. Neither is harmful on its own, but the lot of them swarming back and forth on one's mind, contaminates, annoys, and stresses. 

Sitting in meditation this morning, I've noticed my body contracting as images of tiny flies flew in front of my mind's eye. Thoughts racing back and forth, shoulders up, pelvic floor squeezed tight - what am I doing? Noticing the noising inside and outside, reflecting on the "Who am I?" meditation, realizing that noise is noise regardless whether it is inside or outside, smiling to the realization and softening to the warmth of awareness. 

Time for clarity, don't you think?

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