Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Saturday, February 10, 2018


Making a mental list of the poor choices that I have ever made because of ignoring my intuition makes me shudder. In fact, I still pay tribute to the greater mistakes, and my body reminds me of those every day.

The best life choices that I have ever made have been intuitive and inspired - like learning Reiki and practicing healing arts; like dancing; painting and drawing; connecting to certain people - teachers, healers, coaches, friends.

The worst life choices have been based on fear, choices I made with my stomach tied up in knots, the chest contracted, tense eyes with a frown, and the neck burning hot. 

Today, paying a close and careful attention to my intuition is an integral part of my life recovery and healing regimen - even for the smallest of choices and tasks, like what to wear, what route to take, or who to connect with. It is a muscle I am exercising, so to speak, in order to grow stronger in my clarity of sight and embodied knowing. When I listen to my intuition and when I don't, life tells me how I've fared.

Just as I am about to embark on an action, at that point of the first intentional thought ("I'm taking a swimsuit and towel to the gym today"), my body will be spacious and relaxed, or tight and contracted in various places depending on the context. Or my eyes will linger a second longer than usual on an item. 

I was in the gym's parking lot yesterday as I opened the car trunk to get my flip-flops, when my eyes lingered on some empty plastic bags which I keep for car garbage. I shrugged off the thought of taking one with me - why clutter my bag? Later, when I stepped out of the sauna and shower with wet towels, I remembered the bags: one bag would have been helpful now to pack the wet towels in it. I went to the car with a wet rolled towel that dragged down on the wet ground for a bit- not a serious problem, but a small indicator pointing towards a missed intuition. 

Never too late for learning 

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