Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Monday, March 12, 2018

You Are Imperfect

You are imperfect.

When you realize your own imperfection, and embrace all that you are, light and dark, you are free. 

You must break free from the oppression of expectations that you must always perform, entertain and please others. Break free from the fake photoshopped smiles, and fake photoshopped moods. Break free from putting up a face when you're hurting. Break free from your masks and pretences.

And when you've shown yourself to your mirrors and to the world in your full, glorious, naked imperfection, embracing yourself beauty and warts all alike, while cultivating those strengths that you value, your heart will have softened and open to make room for all those other gloriously imperfect people in your life.

Give a voice, a sound and a gesture to your darkest emotions, drives, urges and impulses. Grant them a life of your own volition so they stop getting a life of their own as your body pain and nightmares. 

Give also a voice, a sound and a gesture to your brightest potential so it takes shape in your life as an integral part of you. 

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