Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Monday, April 2, 2018

Self-Care and Service

Self-care and service build on each other.
Without the purpose of being of service, there is no motivation for self-care, or motivation eventually wears off. In the harshest, coldest times, I have fantasized about living somewhere warm, spending my days on hot sand beaches. Then my fantasy took shape of a hut where I'd give Reiki to tourists. But tourists travel for fun, and nobody on a beach holiday is seeking to do deep inner work, so fuck that fantasy, I'd be bored in two short weeks and out of there. 
Without self-care, there is no service. Without facing one's own pain and shadows, owning and integrating one's own fragmented bits of the psyche and without growing strong, kind and skilled, there is nothing there to support, educate or inspire others. I can stay fully present with my clients' pain because I don't ignore or avoid my own. I treat the pain and darkness arising in myself with mindful presence, and not with drugs, alcohol or distractions; I'm not afraid of the dark in myself which makes me available to meet the dark in the women and men that I work with, and guide their shadows out into the light, Kindly, fiercely, skillfully. I know how it's done: I do that every day!
Without purpose I would have died a thousand times. Without self-care I would have died a thousand times, and would have helped nobody.

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