Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Language and Teaching Healing Arts, Martial Arts, QiGong, Reiki and Yoga

It occurs to me how difficult it is for artistic minds to teach effectively their art - particularly the teachers of healing arts, martial arts, QiGong, Reiki and Yoga. 
When the purpose of practice is attaining a certain state of mind-body (peace, expansion, clarity and insight), a good teacher must first attain such states herself, and also be able to lead the students in the practices conducive to those states. 
The teacher must offer a good transmission, that "something", the glow, the quality that touches and affects positively the participants beyond reason and words. 
The teacher must also offer easy to follow instructions that students can follow and remember for home practice, so they can attain useful states on their own. 
The two skills are rarely present together in the same teacher. Attaining hightened states can make one "spaced out" - when I practice one hour of meditation, Reiki or QiGong I feel blissful and my language naturally revolves towards poetry. Bliss is like being high on substance, which is why you are told not to listen to meditation audios while driving. In such states, operational language is almost unavailable, at least not without serious training. My theory is that this is the reason why most mystics taught and wrote in metaphors and riddles. Some speculate that the metaphors were used to encrypt information and keep it from the masses to prevent misuse. But it's also possible that mystics were natural poets who did not know how to use objective language. 
My guess is that much of the perennial wisdom has been transmitted beyond words, as the words used have been to a great extent extraneous to proper instruction. The Western mind needs feasible directions, a clear-mapped set of instructions as easy to follow as assembling Ikea furniture. 
I drew this map to play with my theory: the language of exaltation (connection to Heaven or Spirit) is poetic, filled with metaphor, comparisons and allegory. The language of grounding (connection to Earth) is objective, precise, and operational. I added the Humanity dimension (or should I extend it to all sentient beings?) - where we use poetry to uplift our relating (the aesthetic of love being romance); we use factual language to get close and intimate with each other; and we use a specific language for bonding: the language of playfulness and humour.
Add to this map your own insights!
Credits for my factual language training go to the man who ruined my Reiki teaching  Paul Linden. Thank you, Paul!

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