Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Monday, June 25, 2018

recovery and Healing

Recovery and Healing

Based on personal experience and not just books:

1- Therapy and practice are complimentary. One can not replace the other. You need both.

2- Repair is more costly then maintenance. This is true for your home, your garden, your car, and your body. 

3- The ultimate expert on your recovery, healing, well-being and psycho-spiritual development is your own innate wisdom, accessible through embodied intuition.

4- Cultivate embodied intuition. How can I stress to you how important this is? Think of your intuition as your internal GPS for navigating life. 

5- Learn to distinguish between imagination and intuition. Your body will tell you the difference; learn to listen. 

6- Chronic pain is your body’s intuitive message which has failed to be read and followed through with action. It’s not too late to listen now.

7- Go for an integrative approach to well-being. There isn’t one thing that cures all disease. Your toolbox has several tools for each problem, situation or project. 

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