Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Monday, July 2, 2018

Contract - Expand

Love is as great a distraction from equanimity practice as is hate.

When you expand your gaze in choiceless awareness to contemplate that which emerges in each moment, and the cutest dog ever starts chasing a ball in front of you, the attention moves away from the big picture and narrows to focus on the dog’s adorable smiling face.

Contraction begins with the narrowing of gaze. Unless your practice is specifically intended to object focusing, contraction is followed by grasping and desire - “I wish I had a dog”, “I miss playing with a dog of my own”, and “I miss Kinook”.

I look at the dog’s face and smile. Then I relax my gaze again out of focus, and think of the many times I have lost my center to grasping on love objects. Expansion brings up insight on the big picture of my life; contraction grasps, and claims, and owns, and wants. I go back and forth in and out of focus, and this is my practice his morning.

And this is my life.

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