Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Saturday, October 6, 2018

The World as Patterns, Your Actions as Symbolic Gestures

The model that looks at the world as patterns which repeat themselves to infinity has useful practical applications. If something that happens somewhere, happens everywhere, then you can change everything by changing anything.
I keep this model on my mind when doing even little things, turning my actions into intentional symbolic gestures. 
Removing the dead leaves on a house plant becomes symbolic for removing that which has died and not viable in my life - be it relationships, activities, views, objects. 
This morning I re-gifted a box filled with medicinal balls that I didn't use; a school teacher took them for his physical education classes, for the kids. My Mom used to say: "Dar din dar se face rai" - "Gift from a gift makes heaven". My clutter became someone else's treasure. I think of this gesture as a metaphor, prayer and intention to let go of that which I have no use for in ways that enrich others, and create space for what is useful.
If you connect the dots of life, all is related to all, money, body fat, house clutter. Perennial wisdom traditions make a wise point: problems are rooted in disharmony and imbalance: too much of the unnecessary, for example, body fat, too little of what's useful, for example, lean muscle. Too much stuff, too little money, or space. Too much disturbing information, too little visionary, nourishing, uplifting information. And on and on.

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