Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Why intuitive divinations into the future are problematic:

Intuitive readings or divinations into the future are rarely accurate, and in some cases they can actually pose problems. Here are three reasons I do not use them:

1- Projections. Just as we project our own shadows, biases and expectations upon other people, objects, events and God, we project them in our 'readings'. Predictions are always informed by the state of the person predicting.

2- The worldview of the reader and the one of the listener may not match. Even though visionary glimpses into future possibilities are available for those of us with clarity and sensitivity of perception, the vision may be lost in the translation as it is interpreted by the reader's own personal, developmental and cultural filters.

3 - Visions are retrieved on a mental plane where suggestions are also seeded. You can never tell if what you hear from an intuitive reader is a vision glimpsed upon, or a hypnotic suggestion. Hypnotic suggestions are useful when intentionally directed by a skilled and trustworthy facilitator. Negative suggestions are dangerous, as they can plant seeds of emotions, thoughts and behaviours which are not useful to the receiver.

I have personally thought intuitive readings in the past, sometimes out of despair, searching for hope, and sometimes as part of a healing session. The most useful readings have been confirmations of my expressed intent, as they offered support rather than suggestion.

When hearing that I am an energy healer, people sometimes ask me for readings into their future. I decline, and instead I offer my clients a guided meditation where they directly encounter a vision of what is possible for their area of life concern.

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