Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Friday, December 7, 2018

Day 36 Self Love - Self Affirming, self-enhancing keys

Part of the Social Media One Year of Self Love project: Day 36 Self Love - Self Affirming, self-enhancing keys

Exploring what it takes to showcase one's own brilliance. Self respect, clean and flattering clothing, living and working environment, clean, self-respectful language, elegance in all of the above.

A few points in no particular order - and help me out sorting the categories or adding your own:

1 - Toning down flaws, showcasing strengths. This doesn't mean 'concealing' flaws (I never liked cosmetic concealers by the way, any more than I would like shoving dirt under the rug). But no more private and especially public self-flagellation, that's degrading. Turn the light of attention, language and action towards all that is right with you (which is also prerequisite IMO to appreciating what's right with your spouse, family, friends and the world)

2 - Dress like you are precious, wear clothing that enhance and affirm your value, dress like the person you aspire to be. Also dress like you respect and value those who see you, act as if your pleasant appearance is one of your valuable offerings to the world. Same goes for your home. You can create beauty and elegance even on a budget.

3 - Speak clean, with clarity, with beauty, and with elegance. Drop the language clutter - one mistake I have a tendency to make is give too much detail in narratives, which is boring and unnecessary, like zooming in too close on the map until you loose track of the bigger picture. Drop the language parasites: "like", "ya know", "ya know what I mean", "whatever" or the constant seeking of approval "Am I right?" I am ambivalent about swearing - too much of it is degrading, and not at all may show inauthentic speech. Just a little "fuck" here and there for emphasis and humour is okay - what do you think?

4 - Carry yourself elegantly: stand and move tall, strong, soft, open. I have been learning this from my embodiment teachers, primarily Paul Linden and Mark Walsh, and practicing daily. If you see me collapsing my posture, pull me up by the hair!

5 - Take pride in your trade, occupation and passions. Nothing spells self-loathing like someone who hates and complains about their job. And I've been there. Speak respectfully about your profession, job, career, vocation or business. If you face judgments and dismissals, like I do when presenting my work with Reiki and the healing arts, treat your critics with respect and use their harsh criticism as an opportunity for you to practice self respect, pride and self love. Paul Linden tells me that we all need an enemy, so we can practice love and power.

6 - Speak highly or at least kindly of your competitors. Critique behaviour, but stay kind and respectful towards people. Putting competitors down to appear in a better light is actually putting you in a bad light. When I hear a teacher badmouthing other teachers, I run away from them; when I hear a teacher valuing learning or exchanging notes with colleagues, I watch and learn.

7 - Ask for what you want. And here I go: I want these posts to be seen and read, to inspire and enrich many more people, while raising my profile as a teacher, coach and facilitator. So please like them, comment on them so they keep appearing in your newsfeed, and forward them to personal development lovers. Help me help more people, it's a win-win-win for all!

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