Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Feedback for Teachers, Speakers and Presenters

Negative feedback is more useful than positive feedback if pursuing betterment and growth. Here is both from the audience, having in mind my perspective as a teacher, speaker, leader and presenter.

Favourite presenters:
- Were generous with giving their tools and methods
- Taught useful practices that can be applied in life
- Their offering was stand-alone and useful regardless whether further buying their products and services or not.
- True service, other-oriented giving. Their presentation left me grateful, inspired, enriched, and wanting to learn more from them.
- Ratio between lecture and instruction favouring instruction
- Highly expressive and nuanced voice, face and body movements, which I found engaging even after 4 hours of night’s sleep
- Personal bias towards the presenters who talked about vital energy (I’m an energy healer and tired of cynicism). I felt less alone hearing presenters whose views are that we are the body, and not only the body
- Humour - always a winner for me
- Conversational tone of voice - easy to connect with the presenter on a personal, human level, easy to trust and to like
Least favourite presenters:
- Stingy and secretive with their method. Gave the “what” and none of the “how”, leaving any benefit depending on whether buying their services or not. Major turn-off for me.
- Fluff. Long, detailed lecture, making the same point over again, no movement, no engagement, in a self-induced trance with no awareness of the participants’ responses. Nothing you can’t find on YouTube.
- Too much persuading “why” and too little educating “what” and “how”. As with any time when I am being sold, that was a turnoff.
- Monotonous voice, poker face (no facial expression), no gestures, robot-like presentations. Took away from the content for me
- Pompous, self-pretentious tone. I don’t trust humourless presenters who perform rather than connect

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