Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Inner Child Self Love

A month ago I started a year long project on the social media: One Year of Self Love. This is the latest entry, a poem for the love of the inner child. 

How does this resonate with you? How do you work with the Inner Child? Please tell us in comments.

Day 34, Self-Love

That which you dare not show to others
The cravings you keep hidden
Outrageous yearnings for play
and touch
reassuring words
and ice-cream
That which lies beneath your oldest unresolved emotions
is your Young One
Find her!
Talk to her
and let her talk to you
Give her the voice she never had
Let her articulate all that
which hasn't been yet said
She is the child who never grew to match your age
The Peter Pan inside your mind
Go ahead, love her,
Embrace her,
Offer her tenderness
Beyond the tenderness that she - that you - has ever known
See her much deeper than your own mother has seen you
Appreciate her more than anyone has
Whisper to her how loved she is
How glad you are to have her inside you, in your life
How playful, humorous and curious she helps you be!
Give her the harmony of discipline and care
The harmony you lacked when you were just her age
And tell her all that she has always hoped to hear
Tell her that she can count on you
That you'll be there for her
That you will never let her down
That she is precious as life itself to you
And every now and then, let her have ice-cream

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