Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Ten Pillars of Self-Love - Day 48 in the One Year of Self Love Facebook project

1 - Self-esteem: 
Valuing one's own qualities, traits and behaviours, as well as one's own time, skills and work. The opposite of selling oneself short.
2 - Self-confidence: 
Trusting one's own abilities. The opposite of self-doubt. Although some self-doubt is good for prudence; it's good to doubt your ability to fly from the top of a tall building.
3 - Self-Care:
Practicing habits and behaviours that are nourishing and nurturing. The opposite is self-neglect.
4 - Self-Respect and dignity 
From language use to posture and stance, to personal hygiene, grooming and appearance, this is the practice of treating oneself like the king or queen of one's own castle, in ways that are ennobling. The opposite of self-degradation.
5 - Self-Affirmation:
Taking a stand and speaking up for oneself and that which matters to oneself. Showcasing one's genius and brilliance. The opposite of making oneself smaller than, in order to fit in, or avoid threats and jealousy; self-effacing. 
6 - Self-Advancement:
The practice of constantly growing and developing oneself psycho-spiritually, and cultivating useful skills. The opposite of stagnation and sometimes, regression.
7 - Personal Boundaries:
Creating a healthy sense of self, and establishing, communicating, commanding and defending one's own boundaries, rules and principles. The opposite of vagueness, not knowing oneself, living with either rules that are too rigid, or too flexible and breached. 
8 - Living on Purpose:
Having a clear raison d'être - reason to live, and living it. Working at what you are passionate about. The opposite of living aimlessly.
9 - Self-Expression:
Saying the words that need to be said, saying what you mean, and what you want. Moving your body as it wants to. Walking, talking, moving and breathing freely and fully. The opposite of self-repression.
10 - The Tenth Pillar is your own entry. What is it? Comment. Serious or funny. Go ahead, write it!

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