Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Encouragement and Self-Love

I heard my teacher talking about how much he enjoys supporting people in doing what they want to do. He had just worked with a professional singer and helped her through a personal breakthrough. He himself does what he wants to do, and has been doing it for fifty years or so.
Encouragement is transmitted and reflected back.
I heard a community leader talk about how success always eluded her. She also de-platforms anyone who disagrees with her views.
I heard a mother saying how her daughter wanted to be a dancer, but she, the mother, thought she wasn't talented enough, and discouraged her from pursuing dance. The mother has led a dull, mediocre life with no creative pursuits.
I heard a mother deny her daughter the cat she wanted. The mother's face spells chronic dissatisfaction, the corners of her mouth point downwards even when she smiles.
We pass on the encouragement or discouragement we ourselves received. 
A teacher once asked me what I wanted to do with my life. She specified: "Not what you think you may be able to do. What do you want to do? Later you'll focus on the 'how to'. This teacher lives her life as she is wanting to, her family supports her, and oh, her children are creative and she always boasts with their accomplishments. 
I'm walking in the footsteps of brilliant teachers - the voices of discouragement are fading away, and encouragement, bit by bit, wins.

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