Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Monday, January 14, 2019

The Greatest Joy Ever

Day 71 Self-Love: Desire 
I have swam with dolphins in the Red Sea and swam amongst live corals and myriad colourful fishes. I strolled through the Keukenhof gardens during the April blooms to the sound of magical music. I gasped in awe watching the green iridescent dance of the Northern Lights above the Canadian Arctic. I trained my palate to incredible flavours mostly unknown to my culture of origin where I grew up and nourished this body and soul with textures and fragrance of heavenly foods. I abandoned myself in embraces of passion to pleasures which sent shivers up my spine. I have played, as an adult, in theme parks where I had more fun than in my entire childhood, and I have travelled to Belgium to let its chocolates melt on my tongue until I sang out loud with glorious pleasure, and travelled through France, walked up the Mont Saint Michel looking down at the tides; I’ve strolled through the Swiss Alps with two of my best friends and asked them to pinch me, to truly believe that what I was seeing was true, and not a dream. I breathed the air of beauty and awe surrounding the paintings and statues of classic Italian Masters, and burst out in tears of gratitude at the chance of being there, inside the St. Peter cathedral in Vatican, the Florence Uffizzi, and the tiny gems of art exhibitions in Venice. 
I have listened to music that made my heart vibrate with such beauty, and saw more beautiful sunrises and sunsets in gorgeous nature than I can count. I have breathed in the air fragrant with pine in the mountains, and air filled with salt by the sea. I have trotted alongside beloved paws on long hiking trails and the Mediterranean beach; and rubbed happy bellies, and kissed cold, wet noses that I loved. I played-fought with puppies till my hands turned pink and my heart melted down in a hot puddle of love.
All these pleasures that I have lived seem to pale to the absolute best joy I have known so far: the pleasure and joy to inspire, enrich and connect; to touch your life even a little bit, to give you hope, to give you strength, to add to your life a little bit so that you can flourish. 
Adding to someone else’s happiness is my greatest desire, my greatest joy, and my greatest reward and pleasure.

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