Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Self-Love: Replenishing Depleted Resources

Replenishing depleted resources. 
This topic shows up evidently in the bank account, state of health of the body and mind, relationships, home and work.
Home resources are easy to see: when you're out of toilet paper, you go buy some. The fridge stop functioning, you repair or replace it. The bulb is burnt, you change it. How many self-loving people does it take to change a bulb? 😜
Money-wise, self-love translates as balance and flow. Not spending more than you make. Great area of growth here for me. Also, what is the cost of the time and effort put in saving a dollar? When looking at cheap versus expensive, what are all the resources considered together with cash? Time? Physical effort? Mental focus? Emotional strain? Money is a great mirror for the life force energy.
Health-wise: sleeping when tired. Nourishing the body when hungry. Practicing QiGong / Reiki / energy management. Receiving energy work / body work. Not pushing oneself beyond the threshold of fatigue to get things done or to support unhealthy habits (addiction to electronic devices 😬). Getting the basic needs met - air, water, food, light, space, movement, touch. No easy topic either to look at, if honest.
Relationships: getting as much support as giving. Being heard as much as listening. Receiving fair payment for work (with as much ease as paying fairly for work). Do your friends call to share the good news and celebrations with you, or only when they're in pain? The facilitator's trap: the friendly phone call or visit from someone who wants to vent and complain, not to connect and exchange or expand ideas. Learning to pay better attention to this.
Work: if what you do makes you tired, it's an expense. If what you do energizes you, it's a resource. I am fortunate to be enlivened by my work, and it wasn't always the case (I worked in banking). Sadly, I hear many making bitter jokes about Mondays.

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