Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Sunday, June 16, 2019

My Language and Communication Influencers

Sixteen years ago a client, who was an NLP master (Neuro-Linguistic Programming for those who don't know), relocated and left me a huge box full of NLP courses on tapes, worth thousands of dollars.
Regarding language skills, studying NLP was the equivalent of jumping up from primary school to university - it revealed a whole world to explore, test and enjoy (also, at times, get annoyed or annoying!)
Other influencers in my verbal communication skills have been:
- Marshall B. Rozenberg's Nonviolent Communication - a bible of human connect in my opinion and a must for any person wishing to master the art of emotional bonding
- David Deida's books, specifically his focus on sexual polarity and language - and I find all his work fascinating and fun to apply 
- Paul Linden who's taught me the difference between poetic language and factual language, and whose kind corrections I've been fortunate to receive for years now: "May I correct your grammar?" (he's also been teaching me asking for permission before interventions)
Both Paul Linden and Mark Walsh have been teaching, showing and inspiring me in learning the congruence of verbal and non-verbal communication. We speak with the whole body more than we speak with our tongue.
All of this has been proving useful and healing and upgrading my inner dialogues, in repairing and building personal relationships, and in increasing my positive influence with clients and students.

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