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Coloured portrait

Monday, December 16, 2019

Blood Sugar Health

A comprehensive view looks at health from several angles. For example, here are a few influencing factors in blood sugar health:
- Diet. You already knew that: glycemic index foods and insulin responseT, carbs, alcohol intake etc. 
- Climate. Organisms raise sugar content to prevent freezing in extreme cold weather. It's a trade-off: you get diabetes a few years down the road, but for now your blood doesn't freeze. See Sharon Moalem's book: "Survival of the Sickest". The Canadian North has a high incidence of type 2 diabetes.
- Radiation. Spend many hours daily in front of a computer or devices and chances are your body's energy will be affected. Dr. Mercola calls radiation-induced diabetes "Type 3 diabetes". 
- Personal Power and the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Solar Plexus governs the pancreas, which produces insulin. Solar Plexus is dubbed the Power Chakra, as it has to do with personal power, its healthy aspects of ability, self-regulation / self-control, and healthy influence, its negative aspects of helplessness, dysregulation, weaker relational position. When a person is chronically in a weaker relational position, oppressed, victimized and / or locked in a victim's helpless perspective, or trying hard to control others through dominance, the Solar Plexus Chakra becomes imbalanced, leaks vital force, and eventually affects the function of its governed organs and glands, including the pancreas.
If you want to address a health problem from its root cause for sustained results, you need to expand your views and take as many factors into consideration, applying Tana's Self Healing Principles of: 1) Start with the most available factors to change (easier to eliminate sugar than migrate to Costa Rica) 2) Change the heaviest-weighing factors (loving relationships where you are strong takes your health farther than your keto berries)

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