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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eight Reiki Distant Healing Ideas

Across Time and Space

If you are a Reiki practitioner of the 2nd level, you have the ability to send Reiki healing across time and space.

In the world of duality and the time space continuum, you perceive reality through distance and linear time. If an event took place long time ago, such as childhood trauma, or surgery, or a heart-breaking separation from a loved one, you think that what’s done is done, and there is nothing you can do about it now. You can’t change the past. And in the same time, you can’t foresee the future either.

As Eckhart Tolle, the author of ‘The Power of Now’ and ‘New Earth’ tells us, all you have is the ‘now’ moment. All that is real is what you see, hear, touch, smell and taste now. Everything else is mental images. The past is but memories, images in your mind. You can’t see, hear, touch, smell and taste the past – nor the future, for that matter.

But those memories of past events or mentally constructed images of an envisioned future are often attached to emotional charges in the unconscious mind. Present events often evoke emotionally charged thoughts and mental images either of the past (unresolved traumas) or the future (worry). Let me explain:

Let’s say you are driving on the highway, and listening to music on the car’s radio. You are in a cheerful mood. Then a song is being played, which used to be your favourite song during a romantic relationship that ended with a difficult breakup. In the split of a second, your mood changes, and you feel this deep sadness. There is no-one else but you in the car, so the memories of the ex-partner are just mental images. He or she is not really there. But the sadness is here and now, and very real.

A few years ago, a woman with a ‘bad case of worry’ came to see me for a series of Reiki and energy psychology sessions. She was a young mother, just about to travel to an exotic place with her baby girl and her husband for a few months. She was sick with worry, and couldn’t sleep a wink at night, thinking ‘what if’ – you’re probably familiar with it, aren’t you? She was ‘whatiffing’ herself to insomnia: “What if her daughter will catch germs in this new place, and get ill?” This was not prudence: prudence makes you plan for all possibilities, pleasant or not, out of reason, not emotion. This was worry, which is nothing but fear with a story about the future. Fear is an emotion that arises now. The story has little or nothing to do with reality. Prudence doesn’t keep you up at night; fear does.

Emotionally charged mental images impact you here and now because the emotions arising are here and now. Clearing the past and the future with the help of Reiki and other energy therapies neutralizes that emotional charge attached to the thoughts and mental images. The result, in the very least, is that past memories become as neutral as stories read or seen at the movies while future envisioning allows you to peek into possibilities. The best that can happen is learning wisely from the past and planning confidently for the future, while feeling grateful for all experiences.

The most used form of distant healing is across space, such as sending Reiki to a friend, relative or client in another city. I invite you to consider the possibilities opened by sending Reiki healing to past and future events, not only to those who are afar.

Here are eight ideas to work with, be inspired from, and built upon in your private or professional Reiki practice, to benefit you, your loved ones, your clients and anyone else:

1 1. Send Reiki to your future holiday. Send the Reiki Light to the entire event, which includes the time from booking and packing to the travel itself, to the return home.

   2  .  Heal any event that is unfolding, but you don’t know the result yet. When my father was in the hospital a few years ago, after open-heart surgery, there was a period of time of a few days when his health was unstable. The doctors weren’t sure which way my Dad was going to go. It was a very tense time for all of us, and my father and I were separated by a sea and 2 ½ hours by plane. I sent him Reiki, and enlisted the help of my own Reiki Master and a few healer friends to help him out. Eventually, my Dad gratefully recovered and was released home.

3.       Send Reiki to the moment of birth. You can send distant Reiki healing to your own birth, or to the birth of your children. Birthing can be traumatic for both mother and baby: pain, anesthetic, emotions – can leave an unconscious imprint on the psyche. Use the Emotional Symbol to clear any trauma, and the Power symbol to bless the moment of your arrival into this world.

4.       Send Reiki to each of the important events that have marked your life. Doing so, you alchemize the relationship your psyche has with these events.

·         Your first day of school

·         Your graduation

·         Your first kiss

·         Your wedding

·         Any major separation from a loved one

·         That special skill you learned

·         Any accident you or someone in your family had

·         The day you moved into your new home

·         The day you adopted your pet

·         … (fill in the blank)

5.       Send Reiki to a project you are working on right now. You can send Reiki to the project itself; you can also send Reiki to the future, to the best possible outcome upon the completion of the project.

6.       Send Reiki to your upcoming job or promotion interview. You can do this in the morning of, or time ahead. The very least that can happen is that you step in with calm and confidence.

7.       Give Reiki to anything you have, are or will be creating: your book, music, dance, food, any piece of art or craft. Let anything that comes out of your hands be encrypted with the Wisdom and Love codes of the Reiki healing!

8.       Treat relationships with Reiki. A relationship is a living entity in its own right: it has a beginning and an end; it can be dysfunctional or healthy, it can evolve or die, and you can neglect it or nurture it. There are many ways you can breathe Life into a relationship; sending Reiki healing is one!

A few tips for your Reiki distant healing session:

·         You can send Reiki to one moment in time (the moment you were born), or to a period of time (the two weeks your uncle was in the hospital)

·         Send group distant Reiki when focusing on collective events, for greater energy influence.

·         Always end the Reiki distant healing session with a positive envisioning of the person, place, event or situation you focus on. Go ahead and imagine a different scenario for your past. After all, your past influences your thoughts and emotions; allow Reiki to influence your thoughts and emotions in a new, inspired way.

·         After your distant healing session, release the outcome to the Infinite Wisdom and Infinite Love, or Spirit. Your intellect may know or not what the best possible outcome is; but Spirit always knows!


  1. thank you for your insights , I am a Reiki level 2 , and have not practiced this modality for a long time , I am presently experiencing a very tough period in my life , and your Blog has just reminded me to use Reiki to help heal this situation , Bless YOU .

  2. I have a similar situation, I am Reiki Level 2 since 2002, I was very regular initially for about 2 years and then for some reason did not practice for a long time. I am presently experiencing a tough situation in my family life. What should I do to reconnect myself with precious Reiki?

    1. If you remember how to practice Reiki, just do it. If you need a refresher, take another class, or re-read your training manual, and then practice.
      All my best and I hope your family life has restored harmony!

  3. Hi, I need help in finding someone to send Reiki to my son Matt who is suddenly having severe Anxiety episodes DAILY.He is graduating from college May 20th.He is becoming paranoid about every little physical feeling (lightheadedness,twitching in random muscles, chest tightness or head pressure) He is only 23 yes old. He has been a health nut,never drinks or smokes Ever.I'm so worried. A friend told me reiki could help. She suggested a 3rd degree Master might be necessary.I am not familiar with all of this. I'm praying HOURLY.PLEASE help if you can!

    1. Hello Gail,
      The Distance Healing Network will help your son! Go to and place a request for Matt. We are volunteers from all over the world sending Reiki, prayer and other types of healing to people and animals in need.

      Wishing you and your son peace and full recovery!

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