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Coloured portrait

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Anxiety and Your Dog

A Reiki Alpha Bitch post

If your fur baby suffers with anxiety, her distress very likely causes you distress. And you'd like to help, and you've tried everything.

The problem is, your own distress goes right back at Pup and distresses him again. Dogs are highly empathic creatures, and very much tuned in our embodied and mental states. They can see micro-movements of your body, smell your emotions, and some say even see your aura - the energy field around your body. Smiling when you're stressed may fool some people, but won't fool your dog. She knows that you are stressed, and this stresses her more.

The solution is to tend first of all to your own self-regulation. Next time your dog is anxious, try this:

1- Belly breathing. Inflate your lower belly like a baloon with every inhale, and deflate it on the exhale. Belly breathing triggers the relaxation response and you will feel calmer in just a few breaths.

2 - Touch your pup. Place your hands on your dog's head or back and keep practicing the belly breathing. Feel what's going on with Pup: is she trembling? Are her back muscles hard or soft? Warm or hot or cold? This is called "presence" - your ability to witness your dog deeply. The touch with presence is soothing and reassuring.

3- Take a few audible sighs, making the loud sound "aaah". Dogs sigh when they are peaceful and content. Since Pup is looking at you for clues whether he should worry or be calm, your audible sigh will tell him that it's okay to relax.
I hope this helps. Let me know how applying these tips have worked for you below in the comments.
Hugs xo

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