Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Relationships are Medicine

Relationships weigh heaviest as factor in health and well-being, much more than diet, arguably exercise, and drugs. I’ve felt at my worst when living or working in emotionally toxic environments, and at my best when being part of a supportive community.
Lack of care and support, given and received, is a poison. It causes body tension, rigidity and pain. The antidote is love and the best prescription for health is loving touch, lovemaking, making music and movement with a harmonious Tribe and, in general, belonging to a community which supports you, your strength and your growth.
Therapeutic relationships are useful for this reason: they foster trust and care, and a good therapist has your best interest, strength and growth at heart. The therapist is paid to care which makes the relationship less than reciprocal. But the trust, sincerity and receptivity practiced in therapy can be, and should be translated to real life relationships. 
Bottom line is, (note to myself too!) - put more time and action in giving and receiving love, and worry less about food supplements, super foods, coconut oil and filtered water!

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