Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Law of Attraction or Personal Development?

Why I don't think about what I want to attract, the law of attraction etc:
When I want to attract something, I seek to attract an "it", an object, and by placing my intention on a separate object I make myself ineffective because the world is filled with objects outside of my control. Very annoying, isn't it. All those pesky objects with a life of their own within and without my directed magnetism!
Instead, I focus my intention on myself, the subject "I": what I intend to experience, embody, express, create, generate and accomplish. I have greater leverage placing my intentions, thought and actions on the qualities I seek to cultivate, the relationships I seek to create and nurture, the circumstances I seek to create or at least influence. This way the subject "I" is in the driver's seat, not some separate object. That's how I improve myself, how I develop skills and mastery. 
It is possible to influence other people and the unfolding of events. That takes qualities to cultivate, skills to develop, resources to generate, identify, manage and utilize, opportunities to seize, all of which depends on the self, the subject "I".
You are made of energy, and resonate with objects that you attract, and you're more effective when you focus on improving your self rather than chasing an other.

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