Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Relationship Dream

I dream of a world where human relationships flow with ease, and love flows with ease between people. I dream of hearts open, arms wide open, ready for embracing another, no holding back, no defenses, but naked, soft, transparent, vulnerable hearts mirroring each other, and mirroring love in each other.
I dream of a world where all relationships enrich each other, and the world; where relationships which deplete each other are unheard of; where communion is always synergistic, harmonious, healthy and kind; where the couple, or friendship, or partnership – whichever the nature of the relationship may be – is greater than the sum of its parts.

I hope to live to see integrity and authenticity in communion, minds and hearts and bodies meeting each other deeply, in full vulnerability – not fragility, but strength: the kind of vulnerability which emerges from strength of character and presence of Being.

I dream of times and places where the relating human being remains kind even when angry, where emotions are owned and shared, not projected or repressed, but treated as signposts towards fulfilment of self and other, and the We space formed in-between.

In the best dream of my mind’s eye, tension between humans leads to growth and not to conflict, and the mightiest power struggle is a game of arm-wrestling at a party; and where the only fence separating two people is a volleyball, or tennis net.

I dream of relationships that heal mature people from their childhood scars, and where personal history remains active for reference, not for perpetuation of pain; where the love between two people is matched with enough wisdom, strength and skill to make each relationship the most effective form of psychotherapy.
I dream of relationships well-kept and cared for, like gardens, with kindness mindfully cultivated so that the soil becomes fertile and auspicious for all the spectrum of human love, from Eros to Agape, and back again to Eros; where lovers don’t just serve themselves on Love’s delightful feasts, and don’t just serve each other with Love’s sweet and spicy delights, but lovers together are pledged to submit their relationship in service of Love and the Love consciousness in the world, their communion becoming the very act that enriches Love, humanity, and the World.

I dream of Love embodied, moving, walking and talking like lovers present with each other, forming relationships so beautifully harmonious, that they feel and look and sound like dances, a spectacle of brilliance and care that graces the Kosmos with the most astounding aesthetics imagined.

 May I have this dance with You?

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