Coloured portrait

Coloured portrait

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Typical Mind-Body Intervention for Heart Health

Typical Tana Saler scenic road to (heart) health:

In a phone interaction I declined a solicitation of the caller, and while I spoke I felt my heart and chest shrinking to an ache. I was quite sick for a few days after, with literal heartache and shallow breathing, and a normal person would see the doctor and get an ECG done. 

Instead, I meditated, journaled and did Shadow work until I had my insight and took the solicitor's perspective. 

Then I wrote that person, apologized, made amends including a donation and well wishing, and heard back from them with their gratitude. 

As I wrote my apology and made amends, the heart and chest opened, the tension and aches released, and my breath softened and deepened. 

That's it.

Learning to say 'no' has been a big lesson for me. Now learning to say 'no' kindly is a skill refinement, and I'm still working on it. The heart and body don't lie, and there's no answer in pharmacology or surgery for unkind speech and action. 

The body-mind is not a concept, idea or philosophy - this is reality, if you know how to pay attention, access your body's wisdom, do your homework, and aim at addressing health problems from the root cause.

This doesn't imply that you shouldn't see the doctor, or follow a good diet, sleep, exercise etc. There are many factors to health, and the thought-speech-action determinant weighs more that a spoonful of sugar on the body health.

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